AWS AppSync Resolvers – Finding what you’ve got in context

When you write your own Resolvers for AWS AppSync, you are given a $context object that contains a lot of helpful things. In my case I needed to grab a unique ID associated with the user from the Cognito User Pool I set up. But the $ctx.identity.cognitoIdentityId just wasn’t there. I needed to find out what I could use there.

Normally my response template looks like this:

    $utils.error($ctx.error.message, $ctx.error.type)


In my case it was telling me that a value was required. So I changed the template to spit out the whole context object instead of just the message:

    $utils.error($utils.toJson($ctx), $ctx.error.type)

Then I went to Queries and ran it again, this time getting the whole context spat out as the “error”. A trip through a JSON unescape tool and formatting with the JSON Viewer Notepad++ plugin gave me a complete picture of what’s available.

Turns out I need to use sub or username, and the cognitoIdentityId field is nowhere to be found.

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